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7th (mostly) annual Dialogues In The Museum 2019

Published on June 12, 2019

retrospective: Dialogues In The Museum 2015
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Symposium: One World: Resistance Art for Peace and Development

"I believe that art is a universal language that brings us to dialogue without the need to know each other’s language. We are all one, and we all share the same pain. Art has the capacity to heal wounds and bring us closer. "Mashad Afshar is an Iranian filmmaker, who went into exile in London after being imprisoned at home. Her films gained great recognition at international film festivals. Through them, she expresses herself and names the precarious situation in Iran.

Mashad Afshar is one of the lecturers of this year's annual International Dialogues in the museum of Women's cultures Regional - International in Fürth. The conference provides a platform for joined exchange and is looking for links between peace, development chances and art ...


Retrospective to the international Dialogues 2019 by Mahshad Afshar  (link vimeo) (link facebook)