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Betül Pirecis

When Betül Pireci's mother came to Nuremberg in 1993, she was very young. She managed to graduate from school with the help of supplemental evening courses, despite also running a household with two children. She has passed on her strong passion for learning to her children.

A library book about the moon launched her fascination with the infinite universe – which exists and yet is so difficult to imagine – when she was 12 years old.

She seized every chance to learn outside of school. While she was still in school, she participated in two courses on astro- and biophysics at the Erlangen Student Research Center of the University of Erlangen, was a member of the observatory and learned a lot from observing the sky.

She recently took part in the Astronaut Challenge of the State Museum for Technology and Work in Mannheim, where she came in 5th out of 1,587 applicants.

She is now concentrating on studies in mechanical engineering, after which she hopes to pursue a master’s degree in aerospace engineering.



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