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Gabriele Knebel

Even as a child, Gabriele Knebel loved to make jewelry. She spent all of her pocket money on the necessary materials. She always made jewelry for friends and family on their special occasions.

Finally, she realized her dream. Now she uses her hammer daily to shape new things and inspires others with them. She is endlessly fascinated by the ways a hammer can reshape metal. As a silversmith, she finds many ways to create jewelry and vessels the home

Private and professional life merge in her work. The silver rings one design for one's own wedding or a bracelet designed for one's best friend can become reasured memories in other people's lives too.

Motivation, passion, creativity and craftsmanship are critical for a career in the trades. A student hoping to become a master one day must love to bring new ideas to life daily. There are no limits to her job.

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