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Miranda Oben

Miranda Oben moved to Berlin more than ten years ago. She came to Germany from Cameroon as a university student. She majored in information and communication technology, found a great job, and moved to Nuremberg with her husband.

Miranda Oben works from her home office developing software for management systems with an international team. She loves virtual “world travel from home” and also enjoys direct communication with customers and colleagues in France, Portugal, Denmark, and the USA.

“Many people believe that you make dreams come true. But I say: anything is possible if you believe in it! I am married, have a child, a job and, on top of all that, I am passionate about hosting large events. That requires a lot of discipline, focus and a husband who supports you."

When Miranda is in Cameroon, she visits schools and encourages girls there to change the world with “STEM” - Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine. She encourages them not to doubt themselves. "Self-confidence is part of success!"



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