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Susanne Kammerer

Susanne Kammerer is good at math. She has practically turned it into a “tradeable currency”; . for homework on the bus. Her university studies indicated her direction: bio- and chemical engineering, leading to a diploma thesis on thermal process engineering. The path to becoming a patent attorney (PA) inevitably leads through a scientific or technical degree.

Susanne Kammerer is such a European patent attorney (PA): For her, that career meant joining a company or a law firm and learning “on the job” for three years. After mastering a difficult final exam infamous for an enormous failure rate, she had finally achieved her goal.

What are her responsibilities as a PA?PAs check whether an idea is technically usable and both - new and inventive at the time of the patent application. The job requires a very clear, analytical way of thinking and having fun with technical language. In her current role at Siemens, she is responsible for topics related to modern energy networks.

She finds the job attractive; it requires staying on the cutting edge of technology; it is a constant intellectual challenge.



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