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Be curious ... about Carolina Martínez Linares

Published on April 27, 2020

Be curious
about Carolina Martínez Linares from the Erlangen Creative Laboratory at the Museum Frauenkultur - Regional International

The "most beautiful street" of Erlangen, Schiffstrasse, has hosted a co-working space since 2018. Its founder, jewelry designer and artist Carolina Martínez has created an inspiring space here: a workshop for women artists, a meeting place for the curious, a place for everyone who likes to use brushes, colored pencils, pastels, pencil, clay, or wire and scissors, a Gallery for exhibitions by artists from the region and the world. It is a wonderful space for exchanging ideas and broadening horizons.

We are very happy that we were able to warm Carolina Martinez to our museum and the exhibition Technology # Female # Logical, and that she participates in it with her special "Bionic Art", a symbiosis of biology, technology, and art.

Carolina Martínez puts it this way: "If you consider Bionics as a complement to the human body, it is not just an artificial extension of what is missing, but it also replaces what's natural with a kind of interlocking mechanism, with motors and connections that link to the spinal cord. It is this science that drives me to constantly disassemble and reconstruct. I create a piece and disassemble it in order to reassemble it and ultimately make a piece of jewelry out of it. "


text and photos: © Gaby Franger, Frauen in der Einen Welt
Translation from the original German: Steffen Meyer

Erlangen Creative Laboratory (link)


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