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On the trail of the artist Silvia Lobenhofer-Albrecht

Published on April 21, 2020


What a beautiful studio! Located in a carefully restored old building on the main street of Offenhausen, the studio is a large, bright showroom next to a spacious workroom that can also accommodate larger groups. Visitors from the village stop by frequently, including on the Sunday afternoon in early autumn when we had our appointment.

Silvia Lobenhofer-Albrecht tells us that she studied textile design, but that she discovered glass as "her" material of choice years ago, and it fascinates her still today.

We are allowed to choose an object for our museum – no easy task: should we choose the small glass cloud (see above) that travels through the sky on steel rollers set on high iron rails, as it were? Or the impressive rocket, with its green iridescent glass "fins" used as steering elements?

Silvia has a new idea: since household technology will be our theme, she might create something new for us: use glass to give a new design to an old household appliance, which she recently got by chance! We are curious. It will be quite a surprise for everyone to admire, come exhibition-time.


text: © Gudrun Cyprian, Frauen in der Einen Welt
photos: © Silvia Lobenhofer-Albrecht

Silvia Lobenhofer-Albrecht (website)
"Glasheimat Bayern" (link)


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