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Annette Horn, photography

Published on May 4, 2020


Whenever we plan a new exhibition and consider which artists to include, the name of Annette Horn always comes up. She is a "safe harbor" for us. We love her style and her creativity.

As a photographer, she is enormously flexible – every time we share our considerations behind the working title of a new exhibition, she simply listens, thinks about it for a few weeks, and comes up with a surprising suggestion.

For our exhibition “Years gained – New Age for Women?“ for example, she invited women who were no longer young into her studio and asked them to move to their favorite music, to dance – as naked as they dared to be. The photos looked like gently painted watercolors, with a long open aperture, dreamy and beautiful.

Or, in the exhibition "How feminine is the city?” she asked women on the street of Fürth to open their handbags for her, the photographer.
It was great fun for all our female visitors to guess which portrait belonged to which handbag.

Annette Horn came to Nuremberg from Great Britain and she always succeeds in convincing local women to join on her unique projects. We are excited for this year’s edition!

By the way, her portrait was taken by her husband, the photographer Willy Weihreter.


text: © Gudrun Cyprian, Frauen in der Einen Welt
photos: © A. Horn and Willy Weihreter

Webseite von Annette Horn (website)


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